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US-2956728-A: Relief and drain valve for compressors patent, US-3036679-A: Magnetic clutch structure patent, US-3073516-A: Centrifuges patent, US-3088433-A: Gluing mechanism for a carton closing machine patent, US-3119184-A: Action reproduction apparatus patent, US-3212267-A: Culvert patent, US-3235830-A: Electrical connector apparatus patent, US-3297924-A: Continuous path numerical control system with mechanical interpolation patent, US-3348745-A: Garment hanger with end loading slot patent, US-3520258-A: Pallet patent, US-3655158-A: Garbage can holder patent, US-3730187-A: Sew-in urethral catheter patent, US-2491081-A: Clothes washing apparatus employing oscillatable agitator patent, US-2580885-A: Garment holder patent, US-2580903-A: Color television system patent, US-2604671-A: Tent attachment for motor vehicles patent, US-2606009-A: Air conditioner patent, US-2641053-A: Apparatus for making precision antivibration mountings patent, US-2678501-A: Gauge patent, US-2726776-A: Side loading garbage truck with compressing and discharging plate means patent, US-2734335-A: Strand interrupting and feeding apparatus patent, US-2748829-A: Straightening device equipped with an optical projection type comparator patent, US-2829010-A: Fluid pressure brake apparatus patent, US-2848124-A: Article handling apparatus patent, US-2888972-A: Patches for rubber articles patent, US-2893453-A: Log handling arrangement for debarking machines patent, US-2928020-A: Microwave oscillator patent, US-2930268-A: Wire feeding and cutting machine with feed effectively stopped by rolling back on wire patent, US-3118836-A: Filter patent, US-3138193-A: Combustion of liquid fuel patent, US-3193330-A: Dump trailer patent, US-3202871-A: Solid state proportional power modulator patent, US-3234598-A: Apparatus for pressing slurries patent, US-3405833-A: Biaxially oriented alkenyl aromatic resinous tape having a pressure sensitive adhesive thereon patent, US-3594667-A: Microwave window having dielectric variations for tuning of resonances patent, US-3617449-A: Electrolytic deposition patent, US-2479624-A: Fully automatic desurfacing control system patent, US-2548251-A: Means and method for securing the effects of end dipping in gas-tight flexible wall packages patent, US-2629791-A: Snap switch patent, US-2634019-A: Gas purifier box construction patent, US-2701788-A: Coking of hydrocarbons patent, US-2769799-A: Polyamine modified melamine resins patent, US-2782321-A: Turbine for driving a generator patent, US-2800741-A: Bait box patent, US-2814977-A: Ventilator control device patent, US-2833338-A: Foot rest for easy chair patent, US-2887925-A: Deformable collar fastener for powder-actuated tools patent, US-2935343-A: Pressure responsive fluid tight pipe joint patent, US-2935561-A: Remote writing instrument patent, US-2948802-A: Electric blanket patent, US-2954748-A: Machines for fastening strips to other work patent, US-3006713-A: Seismic data display patent, US-3134632-A: Electrical connector patent, US-3233652-A: Fuel feed system for charge forming apparatus patent, US-3264937-A: Slide projection system patent, US-3521857-A: Butterfly valves patent, US-2448648-A: Solar water heater patent, US-2621757-A: Extendible and collapsible filter bag patent, US-2629859-A: Electrical rate generator patent, US-2664772-A: Crimping tool patent, US-2970707-A: Loader patent, US-3005381-A: Signal device patent, US-3060109-A: Beneficiation of ores patent, US-3102618-A: Two-directional torque coupling and clutch mechanism patent, US-3328826-A: Combination vacuum cleaner and hassock patent, US-2515669-A: Tape container patent, US-2529640-A: Desk or pocket bevel patent, US-2596493-A: Metal tempering apparatus patent, US-2611012-A: Armature mounting for plural electromagnetic relays patent, US-2680348-A: Rotary pump and motor hydraulic transmission patent, US-3305850-A: Supervisory apparatus patent, US-3406443-A: Method of providing an enlarged end on a member patent, US-2535828-A: Machine for loading cans in trays in staggered relation with double row can feed means patent, US-2547976-A: Tire mounting and demounting machine of the type having relative travel between a tire and a tire tool patent, US-2765876-A: Brake adjustment patent, US-3117809-A: Hose and fitting construction patent, US-2874979-A: Irrigation coupling with a removable seal patent, US-2890422-A: Electrically resonant dielectric body patent, US-2958934-A: Method of making refrigerating apparatus patent, US-3810119-A: Processor synchronization scheme patent, US-2538772-A: Automatic volume control system patent, US-2890747-A: Car loading retaining strip and lock therefor patent, US-2971416-A: Measuring-type strip-feeding machine patent, US-2607356-A: Manicuring aid patent, US-2597499-A: Means for drawing tubes patent, US-2698269-A: Compressible packing patent, US-3165609-A: Temperature compensated circuit breakers patent, US-3853472-A: Diagnostic test strip for the detection of components of body fluids patent, US-2591856-A: Pulse echo distance indicator patent, US-2434653-A: Power-operated aircraft gun turret patent, US-2017081192-A1: Ortho-terphenyls for the preparation of graphene nanoribbons patent, US-2027055-A: Arch support and bunion protector patent, US-2027260-A: Foot-operated transmission patent, US-202946-A: Improvement in extension-stocks for pistols patent, US-2030506-A: Distribution board with fuses adapted to be cut out by hand patent, US-2034274-A: Petroleum distillate product patent, US-2036319-A: Oscillation system patent, US-2050009-A: Machine for making and driving corrugated fasteners patent, US-2053956-A: Welding electrode patent, US-2054120-A: Pyrometric device patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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